Cancellation and re-scheduling policy

In the event that client is late 20 minutes or more for lesson, lesson will be automatically cancelled, and client will be responsible for full payment.
All Road Test appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled with 72 hours (3 business days) or full charge will be applied.
Except for contracts executed by schools licensed by the NYS Education Department and subject to the refund provisions of regulations promulgated by that Department, prepayment for lessons and other services shall be subject to refund as follows:
If the student, having given prior notice of at least 24 hours, withdraws from or discontinues a prepaid course of instruction or series of lessons before completion thereof, or from any other service for which prepayment has been made, or if the school is unable or unwilling to complete such prepaid course of instruction, or series of lessons, or to provide such other prepaid service, all payments made by the student to the school shall be refunded except:
• (i) an amount equal to the enrollment fee, if any specified in the contract or expressly receipted for, not to exceed the sum of $10 or 10 percent of the total, whichever is greater, specified cost of such course of instruction or series of lessons; and
• (ii) the schools per lesson tuition charge for each lesson already taken by the student which charge shall be determined by dividing the total cost of such course of instruction or series of lessons by the number.

The cost of the course is $ 430 it can be paid either in full or can be paid installment. Initial payment of $ 200 is required upon registration and the balance is due by 3rd week of the course. Course Fee and Refund policy. A $25 fee is charged for return checks. A student who withdraws prior to the first day of class will receive a full refund minus a $25 administrative fee. Once a student has attended class, tuition refunds will not be provide. We establish a ZERO tolerance against all forms of disrespect and Harassment. We know that students learn best in a safe and positive environment. We are request that Parents attend our parent's night. These occur on the first day of class and include a lot of support for nervous parents. Parents will also find much of the information very helpful on how we teach so that your home practice will be continue the great driving skills we teach in the classroom and on the road. Students must be 15 years of age by the first day of class To Receive a certificate students must complete 30 (third) hours of class, 6 (six) hours of behind the wheel,one hour of observation and pass the test (80% minimum grade required). DEPARTMENT OF LICENSE REQUIREMENT FOR ALL SCHOOLS 30 Hours of Classroom Six Hours of behind-the wheel and One hour of Observation. We make Certificate for you if request because we do very think online now days thanks.
LOOK THE REQUIREMENT IN Washington Drive Guide under 18 years

First Pass Driving School offers young drivers an education about the rules, risks, and reality of life on the road.
Our classroom curriculum is WA State approved and is designed to teach you all of the important aspects of driving, and our behind the wheel training will provide you with access to years of knowledge, experience and training that will help you to become a successful driver.

Student Driver Instruction Permits:
Student who does not possess a permit or a Washington State ID Card is required to pre-apply online @www.dol.wa.gov to obtain a confirmation ID# Permits can be issued as early as 10 days prior to the start of the class that you chose. First Pass Driving School will activate your confirmation code at the time of enrollment or on the first day of the course.
For more information on how to obtain a valid Washington Instruction Permit please
(click here)

Professional Services
Individual one-on-one driving instruction
Parent ride-a-longs available & encouraged
Flexible driving schedule
30 hours of professional classroom instruction
Licensed by the State of Washington
Six hours of driving instructions
1 hours of Behind-The-Wheel Observation

Academic Classroom Curriculum
1. Defensive driving philosophies
2. Signs, signals and markings
3. City and residential driving including maneuvers and procedures
4. Adverse driving conditions
5. Highway and freeway driving
6. Alcohol and driving
7. Rules of the Road
8. Sharing the Road
9. Emergencies

Working together, we can help your student learn the skills and habits to become ticket and collision-free for life. Provided in our classes: 34 hours of classroom, 5 hours of driving, and 1 hour student observation. Click on the location page for more detailed information about the classes.

Certified Instructors with thousands of hours of experience.
Local ownership, experience, and licensed instructors.
More classroom sessions and modern classroom and instruction techniques.
More driving sessions and instruction vehicles (all with dual controls)
Flexible classroom sessions that meet the needs of every student.
Waiver of permit test. (Do not need permit to start classes)
Use our cars for your test.
Our price policy: we will match any advertised price of a local commercial driving school!

We encourage you to drive with the student. Even 5 to 10 minutes daily will assist in developing skills. Driving with an experienced driver will improve skills and produce a safer driver on the road.
We suggest you enroll your student at 15. The new state law requires those under 18 years of age to have their permit for at least 6 months prior to applying for their license.
We can provide the classroom and vehicle instruction, but the most important element is judgment, which parents or guardians must evaluate.

Students must attend 30 hours of classroom instruction and have 6 hours of one-on-one, behind the wheel training.
Students who do not pass the classroom final must continue attending the course on the next consecutive day (not during an orientation) and re-take the final until the final is passed at 80% or higher.

Cascade Driving School wants to be your partner in training a safe and efficient driver.

Instruction permit
be at least 15-1/2 years old (or 15 years old if enrolled in an DOL Approved Driver-Training Course)
Pass the WA state written test. (unless enrolled in an DOL Approved Driver-Training Course)
Complete the vision and medical screenings and pay an application/examination fee.

If you are under 18, you must also bring your parents or guardians with you to licensing office when you apply. They must show proof of identity and proof of relationship to you and must also sign a Parental Authorization Affidavit. When last names are different, we require more documents proving relationship. The permit is valid for one year and you can only renew it once.

Instruction permit at age 15
If you are enrolled in an approved Driver's Ed Course you can get an instruction permit at age 15. You will need a waiver from your school, allowing you to apply for the permit up to 10 days before the class starts. The waiver allows you to be issued a permit without taking the knowledge test, however, you will be required to take the knowledge and drive test as part of your future license application.

To get an Intermediate driver license you must be :
16 years old.
must Pass an approved driver-training course. (Driver's Ed)
must have a instruction permit for at least 6 months.
Completion of 50 hrs including 10 hrs nighttime which was gained through a licensed driver with atleast five years of licensed driving experience.
Pass knowledge test.
Pass skill test.
pass the medical and vision screening.
get the consent of a parents or guardians
provide your Social Security number.
not have been issued a traffic ticket and must not have any traffic ticket pending when you apply for your license.
not have been convicted of and must not have been found to have committed a traffic violation within the last six months before the day you apply for your license.
not have been convicted of and must not have been found to have commited an offense involving the use of alcohol or drugs while you had an instruction permit

Intermediate driver license restrictions.
cannot drive between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. unless you are with a parent, a guardian, or a licensed driver who is at least 25 years old.
for the first six months, no passenger under the age of 20 may be with you while you drive unless that person is a close family member.
for the remaining time, no more than three passengers under the age of 20 may be with you while you drive unless they are close family members.
may not use a cell phone or other wireless communication device while operation a motor vehicle unless the holder is using the device to report illegal activity, summon medical or other emergency help, or prevent injury to a person or property.

Violation of Intermediate driver license and tough Penalties
• 1st Violation-the passenger and nighttime restrictions are extended until age 18 and a warning letter is sent to you and your parent or guardian.
• 2nd Violation-you are suspended for six months (or until age 18 if that comes first)
• 3rd Violation-you are suspended until age 18

You and your parent, or guardian, are notified before any suspension action is taken.

Basic License
On your 18th birthday, your license will become a basic driver license without the intermediate license restrictions. You do not need to visit a driver license office to make this change.

Our mission at Roadsafe Driving Academy is to provide each student with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to help them become a safe, responsible, and confident driver.
We don't just teach the method, though. Our instructors exceed the state requirements for a driving instructor’s license, and they will work closely with each student and motivate them to become a better driver.
At Roadsafe Driving Academy we provide a more individualized experience for your teenager through small class sizes to meet the demands of today’s ever changing and challenging driving environment.
At Roadsafe we truly believe that real success comes when everyone work together starting with the students, instructors, and parents. At Roadsafe, your student’s instructor will work with you and your teen to make sure we’re all delivering a consistent message.
We use the Washington Risk Prevention Curriculum. The course includes 30 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours behind the wheel and 1 to 4 hours observation.

• Program bundles driving and classroom available
• Refer to our Teen Registration Form